1-2-3 PUNCH!

The sun is radiating on our Goddess features during the Spring and Summer seasons. All of our favorite bright colors are coming out to play and the hue that’s been taking over the fashion playground is: Punch! A bold orange-red tone diversified with hints of fuchsia and pink to lift the color making it the most loveable color to wear on the runway and your face this spring and summer!

Ladies on the covers of captivating fashion magazines and blogs have been devouring the Punch shade on their lips and cheeks to enlighten a natural rosy look. If you’re aiming to wear the color with a daytime outfit, you can never fail with a flush blush top, some denim blue jeans, embellish your ensemble with gold accessories, and the shoes… That’s really where your individual tastes comes in, but try an open toe shoe with a slight heel or wedge for a dainty look. Don’t forget sunscreen before you apply your makeup!

Now, it’s your turn to tell us… How are you wearing Punch?

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