Eras of Beauty - The 1960s

NYX Cosmetics is celebrating the decades throughout the weeks of August! During the doo-wop and hippie era of the 1960s, the fashion trends and beauty looks are now being revived with minor modifications giving the look and style a more modern touch.

The 60s’ beauty vixens emphasized on the eyes – the bigger, the more appealing. The women during the era focused on volumized lashes to accentuate the shape of their eyes also to create the illusion of animated eyes.

Now, why is it that doe eyes are desired by most women?

Your eyes are one the most expressive components of your face that captivates a person’s emotions, not in its entirety, but the charm of big eyes are stimulating. With the power of makeup, you can attain these tempting eyes by applying white or a flesh colored eyeliner on your water line. Once you apply eyeliner, add more drama to your eyes by adding lashes to open up your eyes a little bit more.

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