Goddess Spotlight: Blogger "Clumps of Mascara"

We had asked the lovely beauty blogger, Brittany, better known as "Clumps of Mascara" in the makeup blogger realm what she thinks about our new Boudoir Mascara Collection. Here's what she has to say:

I am absolutely loving everything about NYX’s Pin Up Tease mascara. The wand totally surprised me. It has a nice sturdy shape and the bristles are long enough to breeze right through the lashes. Formula-wise, this baby was a beaut. She went on with ease and lasted throughout the entire day. Did she give me separation? Oooooh yeah! I love mascaras that separate well.


I've got those crazy and wonky-kind of lashes so this is the ideal mascara for me. She separated the lashes beautifully and with ease. I didn't get a mess load of length or volume but sometimes I need just a darn good separating mascara and Pin Up Tease did it for me. To remove the mascara, I wet my finger tips and gently massaged the mascara off. It worked!

Pin Up Tease didn't "appear" to apply like a fiber mascara but considering removal was much like one, maybe there are some fiber speck thingies in there. You won't hear me complaining about that as I love mascaras that remove with water. Two coats should do it because any more than that may bring on the clumps. And as promised, it realllly darkens the lashes. If you are looking for a dynamic separating mascara that will last allllllllll day, you’ll love Pin Up Tease.
Now it's your turn to spill... Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Cristina

    I love Brittany! I follow her blog regularly


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