Goddess Spotlight is on the Girls with Glasses this July!


1.        What inspired you to become a blogger?

Brooke and I wanted to develop a tv show, which is still our goal, but making webisodes and hosting them on our blog was a way we could start right away, without a network on board. We love being a part of the blogging community and have found a warm welcome from some of the most talented girls we have ever met.

2.       What are your 3 must have fashion pieces?

The little black dress. Anything Polka Dotted. Statement Necklace.

3.       Aside from fashion pieces, what are your 3 must have beauty products?

These days I don't go anywhere without lashes, blush and lip gloss.

4.       What are your favorite outlets to learn about up and coming trends?


5.       How did you discover NYX Cosmetics?

A pleasant accident.

6.       What is your favorite product from the NYX Cosmetics collection?

The skinny eye marker, even an amateur like me, can perfect the cat eye.

7.       What is your biggest beauty secret?

Drink water, stay out of the sun.

8.       Describe your style.

Somewhere between a 60's New York Socialite and a Chic Grandma, ha ha!

9.       What are the up and coming trends that you’re looking forward to in the Fall/Winter?

Long layers.

10.   What are your favorite trends for the summer time?

Color, color, color.

Go ahead and check them out on your own! Be sure to read their content and subscribe to their YouTube channel!


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