Goddess Spotlight of the Month: Along Abbey Road

It's that time of the month for us to put the spotlight on one of our favorite bloggers. This month we're shining our light on Mommy blogger "Along Abbey Road."

NYX: What inspired you to create your blog?

Abbey: Along Abbey Road started out as a personal style blog where I could showcase my daily looks. I was part of the management team for a major retail company, so I had great outfits I wanted to share! From there it evolved to a lifestyle blog since I wanted to share the fun bits and pieces of my life, along with a mix of my personal style.

NYX: What is your biggest motivation to write daily?

Abbey: As a new mother, it's hard to get dressed and ready on a daily basis, so writing about my personal style keeps me motivated to do so! Writing is a hobby of mine and I look forward to it as an artistic release and a break from the demands of mommydom.

NYX: If you were doomed to choose between the two, which would you choose and why – Blush or Lipstick?

Abbey: Definitely lipstick! To be honest, I don't wear blush all that much (gasp!) and am more of a bronzer kind of girl, especially in the spring and summer to get an extra glow (not too much, though -- I don't want to run the risk of looking like an Oompa Loompa). Lipstick gives the right amount of pop to a look and makes your teeth look whiter. Who doesn't love that?

NYX: What is your biggest beauty peeve?

Abbey: I cannot stand it when I see people with done up eyes and no mascara! What is that? It's like cooking spaghetti and forgetting the marinara sauce! Some people are into that kind of thing I guess, but I give it a big, fat N-O.

NYX: What is your best beauty tip?

Abbey: My eyes are a little on the smaller side, so I always look for ways to open them up. My best tip is to wing out your eyeliner and go bold with the mascara. It will instantly open up your eyes and gives a subtle hint of glam.

NYX: What is your go to look on a summer day?

Abbey: A tube maxi skirt and a relaxed tee, accessorized with a fedora, bangles, and gladiator sandals.

NYX:  What is the toughest challenge between being a mother and a writer?

Abbey: Finding the time! I don't want to be that mother who neglects my child in pursuit of my personal interests, so I prefer to spend the day with my husband and son. That means blogging comes second on the list of priorities and can sometimes be a bit of a stress if I am not keeping up a writing schedule!

NYX:  How do you manage to balance your career and your family?

Abbey: This echoes the previous question, but I put my family first and the rest falls into place. Luckily, my blog is about my family and life in general, so it's like mixing business and pleasure all in one. Our outings and adventures as a family are documented, which in turn generally end up on my blog, so it really makes it feel like more of a hobby. I would be blogging regardless, and I am just happy that people are taking an interest in our simple, little life. I think it's absolutely fantastic that it has provided an opportunity to turn it into a type of career.

NYX: How did you discover NYX?

Abbey: I saw your product line at Nordstrom!

NYX: f you could be anything in the world, what would you be?

Abbey: I
'm already what I want to be... a mom! Wouldn't trade it for the world. Although, I wouldn't mind being editor in chief at a fashion magazine either. Someday, right?

Want to get to know Abbey more? Don't forget to follow her:

Blog: www.alongabbeyroad.blogspot.com
Twitter handle: @Abbey_Rodriguez (https://twitter.com/#!/Abbey_Rodriguez)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Along-Abbey-Road/157911734265085
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/rodriguez_abbey/

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