Goddess Spotlight of the Month: Dyna's Random Blog!

It's about that time to shine our spotlight on one of our favorite bloggers! We got to know one of our international faves, Dyna from "Dyna's Random Blog". If you haven't visited her blog before, start doing so now and see her reviews and posts on her current obsessions.

NYX:  How did you start your blog?

Dyna: I started my blog as a personal blog, about my passion for singing and my personal experiences. I then started posting things about nails, and later on started posting about my passion for makeup and cosmetics.

NYX: What motivated you to write?

Dyna: I was really into blogs and YouTube gurus and I had learned a lot and realized I had a passion for makeup. I initially started posting as a hobby, a time-filler so to say. When I saw all the positive feedback from people who didn't even know me or know anything about me, I felt so motivated and that's what drives me to continuously post and recently, even YouTube videos :D

NYX:  What kind of articles do you enjoy writing the most?

Dyna: I enjoy writing "favorite articles" - I feel that's where my opinion shines the most - because I'm quite picky when it comes to the products I use and the price tag that it carries.

NYX: Who is your favorite blogger?

Dyna: DEFINITELY Kandee Johnson - Love her, adore her!  She's a true inspiration for bloggers and guru worldwide. She inspires me so much, I read her blog almost everyday :)

NYX: How do you find the inspiration to write every day?

Dyna: Honestly, I preplan my posts. Sometimes I don't feel like posting, so I'll post something that I saved on a draft before. I also take photos in bulks, I hardly ever post photos on my blog that I took that same day, due to the lighting. I sometimes write up to 8 posts a day, whenever I'm in a good mood and have time to write.

NYX: What is your favorite and must have NYX product?

Dyna: Well, that's a hard one. I truly enjoy the NYX single eyeshadows and I definitely think the NYX powder blushes are a standout product. However, If I only had to choose one, I'd choose the NYX HD foundation. It is the ONLY foundation I use, it's my HDfoundation, photographs amazingly. I love and adore it.

NYX: What is your ULTIMATE beauty tip?

Dyna: Moisturize,  moisturize, moisturize!  I can't say that enough, well moisturized skin is the base of a flawless makeup look.

NYX: How did you discover NYX Cosmetics?

Dyna: YouTube, definitely!  Mainly from Marlena from MakeupGeek.com's videos.

NYX: What are your words of advice for those who want to be a blogger just like you?

Dyna: Be truthful, be open, be you, be passionate and be fauthful to your readers. They're you're main priority.

NYX: If you can be anything in the world, what would you be?

Dyna: I love this question. I never really thought about it, I'd probably be a bird, I'd love to feel not constrained by anything and just be free.

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