Goddess Spotlight of the Month: Spoiled Little LA Girls

We are so thrilled to shine the spotlight this month on bloggers, "Spoiled Little LA Girls"! We wanted to get to know them a little better so we asked them a few questions to get this beauty party started!

NYX:  How did you start your blog?
Spoiled Little LA Girls: Having a creative outlet is very important to us.  Somethings we both have in common are our love for fashion, beauty, and gadgets.  As well as being very opinionated.  So we jotted down our vision for Spoiled Little L.A. Girls and 6 months later it was born! 

NYX: What motivated you to write? 

Spoiled Little LA Girls:We wanted to share our thoughts on good and bad products with others.  As women, we spend so much money on the tools we use daily, so we love being able to give women information on those products. 

NYX:  What kind of articles do you enjoy writing the most?

Rahiel: I love writing about products that work really well, beyond expectations.  Also those that don't perform at all.  There is equal excitement with both because I really want to tell everyone how it helped or failed.  Especially those that receive a lot of coverage.  I hate when there is hype for no reason.

Jennifer: This is a hard one. Gosh, I would say beauty products, because there's usually so much more descriptive words you can use, and more characteristics to beauty products, than any of the other categories. 

NYX: Who is your favorite blogger?

Rahiel:I don't look at blogs as much as I should but a few that I love are  A Cup of Jo, Made By Girl, The Lonny Blog, and Keri Lynn Ford

Jennifer: I have a few - Made By Girl (great interior design inspiration, and just inspiring all together), Song of Style is one of my fave style bloggers - she's just effortless.  Lastly,  Pure to Raw - it gives you all around healthy goodness. 

NYX: How do you find the inspiration to write every day?

Spoiled Little LA Girls: Our readers give us inspiration.  Writing a review that we know they will enjoy and learn from is what keeps us going.

NYX:  What is your favorite and must have NYX product?

Rahiel: Kohl Kajal black eye liner.  It glides on super dark and makes my brown eyes pop!

Jennifer: Currently, I'm obsessed with the Bronzer & Blusher combo in Sunrise in Bali. This has kicked my Nars to the curb, and is apart of my daily routine. 

NYX: What is your ULTIMATE beauty tip?

Rahiel: Moisturize before applying any face makeup.  Finish off with a face mist.

Jennifer: Applying a neutral lip liner to brighter nude/pink shades. It totally softens and "sexifies" the look! 

NYX: How did you discover NYX Cosmetics?

Rahiel: I've always seen NYX around in various shops but didn't actually try it until we started Spoiled Little la Girls.

Jennifer: I discovered NYX via beauty YouTubers, and in the beauty supply shops while I was living in New York.

NYX:  What are your words of advice for those who want to be a blogger just like you?

Spoiled Little LA Girls: Have a voice and be consistent.  Write about things you're passionate about and be genuine.  Who you are in person should reflect who you are as a blogger.  When or if your readers meet you in person, they're going to want that same personality.

NYX:  If you can be anything in the world, what would you be?

Rahiel: I'd like to be in a position where what I'm doing is making an impact in peoples lives.
Jennifer: Nobody, but my authentic self.

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