Goddess Spotlight: Stephanie Aparicio

I recall watching my Mom put her sleek ruby lipstick on before tussling with her short curly hair. I carefully mimicked her every move as she gently applied her favorite pressed powder on her face while walking in her stiletto heels. We all learn how to apply makeup in our own ways, some like me and Stephanie Aparicio, educated ourselves in a non-formal way.

In our “Goddess Spotlight” for the month, we’re glaring our attention to a non-professional makeup artist Stephanie Aparicio, a fan of NYX Cosmetics from Stylist Ink, a fashion styling company based in New York. Stephanie was inspired to learn the tricks and art of makeup simply by experience.  She has taken her talents to the extreme levels of beauty to her current line of work in the fashion industry.

Stephanie states, “Sometimes during a photo shoot there isn’t always a makeup artist available, so I had to learn how to achieve a certain look.”

Stephanie educated herself through experience and expanded her talents with hands on tasks and projects. She’s taken part of various daring photo shoots inspired by some of her favorite characters from eminent movies such as the “Black Swan” and “Pocahontas” to capture the spinning image of the character by doing the extreme and beyond.

“The first shoot was inspired by the ‘Black Swan’ and we wanted to do the first look creatively with intense emotion behind the photo and so we decided to be very dramatic on the eyes with a nocturnal black eye shadow and added soda cans to the hair to give the model more height to enhance the fear and passion to her look.”

Aside from adding accessories on the clothing and even on the model’s hair, Stephanie adds touches of color to heavily embellish a character to not only capture the original look, but make it her own.

“For a modern Pocahontas, we added wild hair and some edge to her eyes. We added aqua eyeliner around her water line and pale lips so that the eyes would be the main focus of the photo.”

Stephanie taught herself the ropes in executing her abilities in makeup and continues to practice on other people to improve her skills to achieve more of her dreams. Now, what words of advice can she provide for aspiring non-professional makeup artists?

“Learn the ins and outs of what you choose to do and master it! I also recommend a passionate positive state of mind.”

Tell us who you recommend for next month’s Goddess Spotlight. Maybe you have what it takes to be shining in the light!



Photo Credits: 

Model: Stephanie Aparicio

Stylist: Stylist Ink

Hair: Eileen Rivera

Photographer: Henry Salcedo

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