NYX FACE Awards' 1st Challenge Shows Off the Bettys!

We're going ALL 80s crazy for the 1st challenge of the NYX Cosmetics FACE Awards! Have you seen the AMAZING looks that our top 30 contestants have created? They're all so wonderfully retro that we're zooming back to the 80s as a material girl not wanting to turn back time! If only we had Zack Morris' power to freeze time, life would be SO much easier in the 80s, right?!

NYX FACE Awards' 1st Challenge Shows Off the Bettys!

For the first challenge, we sent the contestants products for them to utilize throughout the challenge. In excitement, our beautiful Bettys took photos that of course we kept and wanted to show them to all of you! And now it's time for you to cast your vote for the one who rocked the era best! Votes are accepted starting today till the 23rd and make sure to stay tuned to see who makes it to the 2nd challenge!

Good luck to all of the contestants and let's begin this tubular ride!

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