School is in Session!

Ah yes! It's about that time to wake up early in the morning and into the halls of your beloved school. I know a lot of you are dreading it, but come on... The first day of school is usually the best day! You see your friends again, wearing new clothes, rocking new hair cuts, buying new school supplies (my personal favorite) and maybe YOUR new look ;)

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Goddess Spotlight for the Month of August: Hello Miss Niki!

Every month we like to feature a great beauty writer who devours makeup JUST as much as we do. We've been indulging in Niki's reviews and opinions since she's started and we wanted to introduce you to her (in case you don't know her already!):

What inspired you to create a beauty blog?

I have always been obsessed with makeup.  For as long as I can remember, I recall being drawn to the bright colors and what can be done with certain products.  Makeup application is an art form and I’ve always been inspired with what people create and how they express themselves.  I started watching Youtube videos and stumbled upon Miss Chievous, a Switzerland based beauty guru, who has amazing videos and an incredible blog.  After I learned she was self taught, I wanted to take my obsession to the next level and become a beauty blogger.

How do you stay on top of beauty and fashion trends?

I owe it all to my fellow beauty bloggers. The best thing about blogging is talking and meeting those who all share the same passion.  Seeing their posts not only motivate me, but keep me in the loop about upcoming products and trends for the seasons.

Did you go to school or attain professional training in makeup?

Everything I know about makeup is self-taught.  I would watch YouTube videos for hours on end, educating myself on different methods and techniques.  I would try to buy whatever cosmetics they were using in the tutorial, even if I knew I was only going to use it for one look!  I have always wanted to go to beauty school, but once I was in college, life kicked in and I pushed the desire aside.  Once again, after learning that Miss Chievous didn’t go to cosmetology school, I knew that being self-taught would help me to advance further into the cosmetics industry.

First, how did you discover NYX Cosmetics?

I am going to say it again…Miss Chievous!  The very first video I watched was a Mermaid inspired tutorial and she used a few NYX Cosmetics.  I have never heard of the brand before and seeing how perfect her eyes were after using some single eyeshadows, I just knew that I was going to love the products, their quality, and even more, their extremely reasonable prices!

What is your holy grail NYX product?

The Liquid Black Eyeliner from Collection Noir.  NYX was kind enough to send me a few amazing products a few months ago and that’s how I discovered this amazing product!  I struggled with a sultry cat eye for years and this product, with its precise applicator and smooth consistency is what helped me obtain that trendy classic look!

The Fall season is approaching… what beauty trend are you looking forward to?

Dark Red/Burgundy lips…HANDS DOWN! I wear red all year round, but I can really get away with dark lips for the Fall!  I CAN’T WAIT!

What are your fashion must haves for the Fall season?

BOOTS!  BOOTS!  BOOTS!  UGG Boots, knee high boots…WHATEVER!!!  If it’s a boot, I will take it!!!


What is your biggest beauty secret?

Staying out of the sun and using an SPF is my secret.  I wouldn’t consider it much of a secret, but people like to enjoy their time in the sun and may not take the proper precautions to protect their skin.  Wearing an SPF is extremely important, and I have mentioned it before in my Skin Cancer Protection blog posts.  Skin Cancer Awareness is a cause close to my heart, as my father has been diagnosed with it three times.  Protecting yourself from the sun by taking proper safety measures and completely avoiding tanning beds is my ultimate secret to healthy skin.

What is your go to makeup look?

Ever since I have been able to master the cat eye technique, it is my go to look!  It has become so quick and easy for me, that I do it almost everyday.  It’s so simple and elegant, and with some light shading in the crease you can really wear any lipstick you want and rock the look!

Do you have any words of wisdom for those that would like to be a beauty blogger like yourself?

Patience!  When you start a beauty blog, you can’t expect it to take off in a day.  You have to be consistent and active in the beauty blogger community.  Some think that they have to post a blog everyday in order to get loyal readers. I only post only a few times a week, but stay extremely active in the beauty community everyday.  By supporting other bloggers, commenting on their posts and interacting with them via Twitter, Facebook, etc, it helps you form relationships and gain positive exposure. Just be yourself and always remain optimistic. Starting a blog and being successful will take a lot of time and effort.  I tell people that it’s almost like going home to another full time job, but if you enjoy it, that’s all that matters, and I certainly love it!








Intagram: @HelloMissNiki