RuCap Episode 1 – Loving the Darkness!

Are you ready for more stilettos, glitter and LOTS of contouring on a Monday night?  Your answer should always be a shrilling YES!

NYX is taking part in the Rupacolypse in a new season of “Ru Paul’s Drag Race!” Last night was the premiere of a whole new journey with a brand new cast chasing for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar.

(I should warn you that this post may include a few dozen spoiler alerts if you missed the debut of Season 4, Divas!)

With 13 new superstars striding the runway, one particular queen caught my eye, “Sharon Needles.” Skin tone as white as a wedding gown with eyes that will spook the ring bearers and flower girls and maybe even the groom, but with the appeal of our favorite queen of darkness, Elvira! Her look and persona shook us up and made us famished for more chills next Monday night.

Image Credit: Mathu Andersen


What made Sharon Needles’ first episode perfect? Having the mistress of darkness, Elvira as one of the leading judges!

We’re intrigued by you, Miss Sharon Needles, but we’re rooting for all the beautiful ladies! Which diva are you cheering for this season?

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