RuCap Episode 2 – The Champions vs the Glamazons!

Last night we were graced with the presence of an amazing spirit on “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” by the phenomenal YouTube star Piyah Martell, a transgender teen who struck stardom by reenacting songs by the bedazzling idol Ru Paul. She started the episode with a mini challenge for the ladies and our favorite drags were to create a butterfly head piece for Piyah to wear for her next video and oh my… they were gorgeous! The team that rocked out and fluttered straight to Piyah’s heart was Kenya, Phi Phi O’Hara and Jiggly Caliente’s winning head wear.

Enough with the small stuff, let’s get straight to the main challenge and what kind of commotion was created shall we?

The one thing that I was waiting for was for a music challenge and guess what… that’s exactly what we got last night! Our beauties were to create and produce a music video singing to Ru Paul’s tunes. Here’s the catch, the divas are to perform to the song while selling a product….HELLO THERE INFOMERCIAL!! My fave for the night was Kenya – the queen of the jungle convinced me to not only dress is leopard, but to download Ru Paul’s album from iTunes (of course!).

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