RuCap Episode 5/6 – A Damp Snatch Game!

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about our weekly Ru Cap! How can I not write about one of the most sidesplitting episodes where our lovely gals play the “Snatch Game?!” First off – much applause goes to Miss Phi Phi O’Hara’s good deed in giving Chad Michaels that phone call to her significant other on their anniversary. Very sweet of you, Phi Phi! Now….Let’s get down to business and talk about our favorite divas mirroring their beloved icons… I’m not too sure if Diana Ross is going to be travelling anytime soon to Milan or if Beyonce is Crazy in Love with Kenya’s look or how she imitated the superstar.

Here are the timeless looks of the evening in no particular favorite order:

(Photo from:

Let’s move on to Monday night’s episode where the girls got soaked and showed of their….goods! Willam stole the sunlight as she revealed her…..talent and flaunted her….skills. For the main challenge, our vixens had to create a fashion forward float representing “Hope Floats” along with an outfit to match. I was becoming more empathetic with Jiggly Caliente’s performance starting with the shade that was given to her – orange. Oh boy… We can all try and rock orange and I know she tried her very best, but Jiggly… Oh Jiggly…We were definitely rooting for you!

Everyone rocked the boat that night and we bid adieu to Kenya Michaels and Milan! We’ll surely miss you, Sisters!

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