School is in Session!

Ah yes! It's about that time to wake up early in the morning and into the halls of your beloved school. I know a lot of you are dreading it, but come on... The first day of school is usually the best day! You see your friends again, wearing new clothes, rocking new hair cuts, buying new school supplies (my personal favorite) and maybe YOUR new look ;)

The hardest part about school are the dreadful mornings. You wake up and you're extremely tired from late night studying (...maybe it was a late night phone call from a boy! I won't tell!) and you have only minutes to catch the bus, now what do you do?! Don't sweat! With only minutes to get ready, you can take your goods on the go to create whatever look you want to show off in first period! We have the Haute Jersey palette available for purchase and get this... you buy one, you get the other one FREE! Yes, I said it and I'll say it again... FREE!

Want to go subtle for the day and then darken it up a bit after school? This palette is perfect for those times that you feel like you're out of time! Does that make sense?

Check it out and don't miss out on it!

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3 Responses to School is in Session!

  1. I love nyx cosmetics especially the eyeliners....

  2. I bought and used NYX Glitter Creme Palette today...there's alot to be desired. It was not easily appliable nor did it cover well. The two sponge/brush applicators didn't work.
    It's advertised and sold w/eye makeup...and for use on the eyes, skin, ete. THE BACK OF THE PALETTE CONTAINER SAYS: 'NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AROUND THE EYE AREA'. What??? NYX I'm disappointed!!

    • Nyx

      Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience with NYX Cosmetics! We'll be sure to note your experience with the Glitter Creme Palette. Thanks for your honesty and continuous support!


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