Super Ru-Diculous Not So Finale!

Big O-M-G from Monday's "Finale" of Ru Paul's Drag Race! Now...I know I wasn't the only one fooled, right? This is the perfect situation for someone to say, "Ashton!!! Am I being Punk'd?" I can't stand the anxiety! I'm nearly holding my breath till Monday!

I can't get over all the tears that were shed throughout this episode. Sharon Needles cries?! I would've never thought that the dear had real tears because her edge clearly masquerades the sensitive side of Sharon Needles. I guess we know what the "S" means! No rhythm and all, I still love the girl!

But how do you not LOVE the top 3 contestants?! Each diva represents the Drag Universe quite well and they all did a heck of a job strutting on the runway and singing for their lives. There's going to be real Ru-Pacaloypse next Monday night with all the divas!

Don't forget to Tweet #DragRace who you want to win! Is there a way for a three way tie? Ugh.. I can't pick just one!


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