The Beauty on the Paris Runway!

The streets of Paris  were overwhelmed with the aroma of notorious fashion designers and cutting-edge Spring 2012 collections that roared throughout the covers of every fashion magazine and blog and we can’t help but embrace the diverse beautiful looks created for each model as they strutted the runway!

From Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion show, it looks like the spring of 2012 will be bringing  dark lips back from the ghoulish Fall season to warm your outfits that comprise of murky shades of grey with a hint of a lively bright color to personalize your look for the day or nighttime.

Hermes’ focus is primarily along the eyes. The subtle rosy pink shade is not only perfect to give your cheeks a flush of color, but your eyes will get  a dash of brilliance that you need during the warm Spring sun.

Of course, aside from the dark lips, the Spring sunshine and breeze brings out our inner  brightness.. The confident coral lip completes a black and white ensemble for any occasion and Rick Owens showed us just that.

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